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What is Borututu Bark ?

Borututu Bark is a part of the african plant Cochlospermum angolense also known as Borututu , mburututu , burututu or brututu n can ecan be found in Angola. The root of the plant became popular amongst the locals due to its preventive and healing properties and has been used for more then one century to treat several health problems.

What part of the plant has more benefical properties, the bark or the root?

Studies show that borututu's root has much higher concentration of benefical properties, including a vaster variety of phytonutrients such as quinones, catechins, phenols and bio-flavonoids


Why Everyone Should Use Borututu ?

We are currently living in an age where out water is contaminated with chemicals, everything we eat is full of antibiotics, hormones,pesticides, conservants, processed sugar and wheat.

On top of all that we are constantly being harmed by all kinds of air polution and radiation.

Since the liver is the body's chemical filter it is vital that we protect him and cleanse him with Borututu regularly.

Borututu is also rich in phytonutrients that play an important part fighting free radicals and keeping us young and healthy.

Try Borututu for one month and be amazed


Borututu Benefits:

Borututu is a powerfull broad spectrum cleansing agent helpfull in the treatment of problems of the liver such as fatty liver and cirrhosis.

It prevents gallblader and kidney stones. Due to its antioxidant properties borututu provides protection from potentially damaging free radicals. It purifies the blood and helps lose water weight, fights cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure.

Borututu helps to detox the liver, purify the blood,
neutralize free radicals, prevent gallstones, reverse fatty liver, lower
blood pressure, treat colitis, prevent kidney stones, lose water
weight, improve skin elasticity

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